Donald Trump's Fake News: Top 5 Untrue Stories Of The Week Vol. 4

What do we do with all this fake news? The ‘commander-in-cheese’ Donnie Freedom calls out fake news on a regular basis. But this isn’t CNN or MSNBC, folks! This is another beast onto itself. It’s the fringe fake news, not the mainstream kind, bub!
Alright. Okay, where is this guy getting at? Where’s the hoax? Where’s the lies? Just check under your nose, pal! Look below and you’ll smell the bullsh*t when you read the top 5 untrue viral stories of the week…

FALSE: Five Rhino Poachers Killed By Four Angry Rhinos

Donald Trump Fake News: Top 5 Untrue Viral Stories Of The Week Vol. 4


FACTS: South African satire site [email protected] is spreading this fresh mound of rhino feces. They claim that there’s surveillance footage showing a group of rhinos trammeling poachers to death at Kruger’s National Park. A spokesperson from this South African National Park struck down this rumor, saying that there is “no truth to the story.”

FALSE: Barrels Removed From Clinton Property Contained Parts From 3 Missing Women

Donald Trump Fake News: Top 5 Untrue Viral Stories Of The Week Vol. 4


FACTS: Rumors spread online, claiming that the body parts of three missing women were found in oil drums on Bill and Hillary Clinton’s property in Chappaqua, New York. Police shot down these claims, saying that they’ve received no report of these findings and there hasn’t been an investigation into the matter. This story appeared on several web sites, claiming that the women were last seen in a Little Rock motel in the 1970s. The victims were reportedly “hitchhiking across America” when they went missing. A photograph accompanies the fabricated narrative. The photo was taken in South Carolina in the year 2012.

FALSE: Albert Almora Showed His Middle Finger To President Trump

Donald Trump Fake News: Top 5 Untrue Viral Stories Of The Week Vol. 4

Jon Durr/Getty Images

Did this Chicago Cubs outfielder really flip off Donnie Freedom?
FACTS: Almora and his teammates visited Trump at his oval office during their visit to the White House last month. A picture was released of Almora’s encounter with the president. The photo shows that Almora’s hand is in his pocket, and at first glance, it might appear as if his middle finger is sticking out. Web sites went off on this photo, claiming that Almora is flipping off the 45th US president. But if you look close enough at the image, you’ll see that two fingers are sticking out of his pocket. Almora denied giving Trump the middle finger and labelled the whole situation as “unfortunate.”

FALSE: Iconic Actor & Martial Artist JET LI Dies From Hyperthyroidism At The Age Of 54

Donald Trump Fake News: Top 5 Untrue Viral Stories Of The Week Vol. 4

VCG/VCG via Getty Images

FACTS: This high-flying, martial arts movie star is far from dead. He’s graced the silver screen many times, giving American audiences their dose of action in films such as Lethal Weapon 4, Romeo Must Die, and The Expendables. Recently, Li spoke about his struggles with an overactive thyroid in 2013, saying that he was in pain but wasn’t suffering. A spokesman for Li reached out to the Associated Press to shoot down rumors of his client’s death. The rumor is a complete hoax.

FALSE: Sean Spicer: “Trump Has The Legal Right To Cancel SCOTUS Because They Serve At His Pleasure”

Donald Trump Fake News: Top 5 Untrue Viral Stories Of The Week Vol. 4

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

FACTS: Admitted satire outlet Newslo spread a rumor that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said “Trump has the legal right to cancel SCOTUS (The US Supreme Court) because they serve at his pleasure.” First off, no United States president has the legal authority to dissolve the Supreme Court. Secondly, Sean Spicer never made this statement to reporters. By its very nature, the U.S. Constitution prevents the president from disbanding the nation’s highest court.

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Yup, the elephant in the room is finally brought to the surface. President Trump is having a field day with CNN, and it’s not hard to imagine why…



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