Trump Vs. CNN's Ultimate Meme Compilation Is Required To Watch Before You Die

CNN was going bananas last week after a GIF was released showing Trump attacking Vince McMahon with a CNN logo on his face. Of course, the Cable News Network found out the identity of the Reddit user who created that video and that person apologized.
The network was too butt hurt for words. But actually, what that dude did was amateur hour compared to a video released from the freedom addicts over at InfoWars. They released over eight solid minutes of memes.
I wonder how butt hurt CNN will get after watching this video. Trump went full hunk on “fake news.”

Infowars is relentless when it comes to their Trump vs. CNN shtick. CNN is owned in almost every way imaginable in that meme compilation video. Pop culture has been spliced into sweet lulz for CNN. But not so sweet for the fellas Trump calls “really fake news.” But hey, that’s just the president’s current opinion.
Ever see Trump in arcade-form fending off CNN? It’s like a space game from the ’80s with annoying political shills everywhere. It’s a little hard to wrap your joystick around, but definitely worth the laugh.

Trump’s head is oddly reminiscent of Pacman. He’s firing Twitter and Facebook blasts at all his obstacles.
Okay. Okay. This is the point of the conversation when things get controversial. Here’s a scene from an Indiana Jones film and let’s just say that things didn’t turn out well for the person with the CNN face…

Infowars is really pushing the envelope. Is this all in good fun? I wonder what Kathy Griffin has to say about all this…

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