WATCH: Teacher Bans Bottling Flipping In Class, Then Trolls His Students With The Ultimate Bottle Flipping Video

There’s always been teachers who will try to strictly limit or prohibit their students from having a fun time. And I wonder why. Is it because they’ve grown bitter and cynical towards youth like old people yelling at a group of youngsters to stay off their property? Or is it because they feel left out when the see their students having fun while they’re miserable?
Or maybe, just maybe, some teachers just appreciate a little order in the classroom. K? Thanks!
Whatever the case may be, many of us have ran into those authoritarian professors who are probably only looking for acceptance and a greater sense of self worth. But deep down, many aren’t so bad. But then there’s this sixth grade teacher who banned bottle flipping in his class for the entire school year. And at the end of the year, he showed them his own bottle-flipping video. In yo’ face, kidz!

This teacher can be cringe-worthy at times. But after thoroughly-observing the video, I have to give him props. It’s a hilarious in-yo-face to his students after he laid down the law in his class. On December 6, 2016, this teacher had enough of his students’ flipping sh*t (water bottles, to be exact). As a result, the guy decided to ban bottle-flipping altogether. He was probably thinking, “what the hell is so cool about that?”
Then the next day, this educational compadre decides to record his own video of bottle flipping. Because why the f*ck not? And oh, he flips the sh*t out of those bottles. I’m sure none of his students could keep up with aqua-flipping ways. He even threw some more meme shtick into the equation, with random cats and references. He wants to limit the fun of youngster, yet at the same time try to relate them. But his fun trumps all, as he just wants to troll those kids and show them want true pwnage feels like. It may just prepare them for the real world.
You’re probably wondering who this guy is, as his trolling skills are likely to pique your interest. His name is Nathan Marshall. On June 29, 2017, he finally schooled his students with that video after a whole school year of bottle-flipping prohibition.
Mr. Marshall, you go down in the Teacher’s Hall of Fame for your actions. We realize that you’re still a big kid at heart trapped in the body of an aging hipster (much like myself) and we appreciate you for your service.

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