Trump Vs. CNN Memes: Best Jokes, Funny Photos & Images

Donald Trump has been sparring with CNN for a long time now. Trump has accused the network of peddling fiction, choosing sides during an election, and attempting to delegitimize his presidency. CNN gazes at Trump with red hot eyes and sees an enemy of the state in the form of the 45th President.

They’ve (CNN) pushed the Russian-collusion narrative for a while now. A producer from CNN was even caught admitting that they have no solid proof regarding the “Trump-Russia” story, yet the corporation continues to promote the hell out of the story because of ratings.

Trump fired back today with a mock video of himself attacking a person with a CNN logo for a face.

A CNN spokesperson condemned Trump’s tweet, claiming that it incites violence against journalists. I don’t know about encouraging violence, but watching that clip certainly did cause me to write up this meme article.

And that, my friends, is not fake news!

President Donald Trump Tweets A Mock Video Of Himself Attacking Person With CNN Logo At WrestleMania
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