If This Hype Trailer For McGregor vs. Mayweather Doesn't Make Your Nuts Tingle, You're Probably Dead

The deeper and deeper I dive into the hype of this McGregor vs. Mayweather fight, the more I think that Conor is going to pull this off.
Let me first preface my thoughts by clarifying that I, like most people, am a MASSIVE Conor McGregor fan. Through a combination of pure fighting talent and world class promotional skills and mind games, the man has single-handedly brought the UFC to a new level.
And just as he reached the pinnacle of mixed martial arts, he made the switch to boxing, and that’s exactly what makes McGregor dangerous. Yes, millions upon millions of dollars will be deposited into his bank account, and that is the main reason this fight is happening, but it’s not the only reason.
No matter how much of a cliche it may be, McGregor is a warrior. And a warrior who is not only much bigger than Floyd Mayweather but possess more one-punch power than most men on this planet.
But will Conor McGregor be able to hit Floyd? Well, that’s the key to the fight.
So in the meantime, let the hype trailer get you ready to run through a brick wall and put an entire paycheck on Conor McGregor. con


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