Conor McGregor Got A Mural Of Himself Knocking Out Floyd Mayweather Painted

Look, I’ve already placed my bet on Conor McGregor. Got him at +600, put down a hundred bucks, and haven’t looked back since.
Are the odds in my favor? Not even close. Odds are, Conor loses. But I’m not betting on whether Conor can outlast Floyd — if it goes the distance, Floyd wins, everyone knows this.
I’m betting on whether Conor McGregor, a generational talent and one of the best strikers in the world in the prime of his career, can land one of his world famous left hooks on a 40-year-old Floyd. Boxing matches are long, and while Conor may have zero — literally, zero — professional boxing experience, the man is a born puncher. In a sport that coined the termed puncher’s chance, I’m willing to ride with Conor McGregor having a chance to land one good punch.
Conor is coming into the fight with nothing to lose and everything to gain, while Floyd’s situation is the opposite. The pressure squarely is on Floyd to win. He’s the heavy favorite.
But what if he gets shook early? What if Conor is able to knock him down? We all know how Conor performs under pressure, but what about Floyd?
Who knows. Odds are, Floyd wins.
But there’s always that chance, and if there’s anyone in the world who I believe can take advantage of that chance, it’s Conor McGregor.


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