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Company Who Clearly Never Learned Not To Play God Is Trying To ‘Reawaken The Dead’


This is how it starts.

Some white people at some super shady conglomerate corporation try to break some medical ground, I.E. curing cancer in I Am Legend, and then before you know it, the whole experiment turns to shit and you have zombies scooping out intestines. It’s really the definition of ‘life comes at you fast.’

I’ve long thought that science-fiction movies are essentially just warnings. For example, had anyone at Google or Uber or Tesla had seen any of the Terminator flipping over whenever they movies, they would KNOW that self-driving cars are a bad idea. But nope, they went all-in on automated automobiles, and now we have robots chauffering human beings around, flipping over whenever they damn please.

The latest example comes to you out of Philadelphia, where scary I-Robot sounding company Bioquark will soon be testing an unprecedented stem cell method on patients in an unidentified country in Latin America.

According to Bioquark CEO Ira Pastor, Bioquark has developed a series of injections that can reboot the brain, and they plan to try it out on humans later this year. In 2016, the company announced that they believe brain death is not ‘irreversible’.

via Daily Mail:

The first stage, named ‘First In Human Neuro-Regeneration & Neuro-Reanimation’ was slated to be a non-randomized, single group ‘proof of concept’ study.

The team said they planned to examine individuals aged 15-65 declared brain dead from a traumatic brain injury using MRI scans, in order to look for possible signs of brain death reversal.

Specifically, they planned to break it down into three stages. First, they would harvest stem cells from the patient’s own blood, and inject this back into their body. Next, the patient would receive a dose of peptides injected into their spinal cord.

Finally, they would undergo a 15-day course of nerve stimulation involving lasers and median nerve stimulation to try and bring about the reversal of brain death, whilst monitoring the patients using MRI scans.

Essentially, short of a nuclear war with the Russians, this is a fast track to the apocalypse. It’ll start in the ‘unidentified Latin American country’, make its way up north, and before I know it, I’ll look outside my New York City window and see Brad Pitt mowing over zombies with an SUV.

Life comes at you fast. So do zombie apocalypses.

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