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WATCH: Hangry Woman Needs Her McChicken Now, So She Jumps The Counter And Attacks An Employee


The customers are always right…until they assault you for taking too long on a value menu chicken sandwich. This hangry woman wants her McChicken so badly, she’s willing to fight for it. Well, at that point, she just wants to kick ass and get the hell out of there before police arrive.

The altercation was all caught on camera by a looky-loo who witnessed the whole thing through the drive thru window. It was 9 P.M. on a Saturday night in Des Moines, Iowa. The femme fatal of McDonalds showed up with two dudes, and they ordered a McChicken. And they wanted that order pronto or else…

This trio became super pissed when they felt that their order was taking too long. The situation escalated when the female of the group got so hangry that violence broke out. She began screaming at the employee before jumping over the counter and McBrawling with this poor girl just trying to do her poorly-paid job. “Grab her hair,” says one of the hangry friends.

The manager even forks over a McChicken, but the woman is so enraged that she throws it right at the employee’s face. Meanwhile, Amanda Gravely, 34, is waiting with her family at the drive-thru window

The hangry trio left the McDonalds before police arrived. They escaped the cold clutches of the law. But their McChicken lust has not been satisfied. They went sent off to wander the earth, hangry with no chicken sandwiches occupying their bellies. Meanwhile, Amanda Gravely, 34, is waiting with her family at the drive-thru window

The McDonalds employees are under the belief that those three customers were intoxicated at the time of the incident.

On a side note, she’s lucky Ronald McDonald didn’t show up for work that day. That clown looks hardcore. Plus, you never truly know what corporate clowns are capable of…

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