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MMA Fighter Knocked Out Four Seconds Into Bout From Monster Kick To The Head


Pyramid Fights

On May 13, Jordan Fowler faced off against Dylan Goforth at a Pyramid Fights event in Searcy, Arkansas. Fowler ensured that the amateur bout was over as soon as it started, dropping Goforth with a mammoth left kick to the head just four seconds into the fight.

Watch the knockout below, which set a new Arkansas state record.

“OH MY GOSH!!!” Blink and you could’ve missed that one. What an absolutely vicious kick to the right side of Goforth’s dome piece. I feel like I might have a second hand concussion just from watching all of those replays. I kept thinking I was going to see an angle where it didn’t look like Goforth almost got decapitated, but boy, was I ever wrong.

This is the image of an utterly vanquished foe.

Pyramid Fights

Poor Goforth. Homeboy has his hands in the air like he’s on the world’s saddest roller coaster. Congrats to¬†Fowler on making history, and a special congrats to Goforth for not ending up in a body bag.

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