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Women Throw Down At A Memphis High School Graduation



Last night, Arlington High School in Memphis, Tennessee held their graduation for the class of 2017. The ceremony was held at Bellevue Baptist Church in Cordova, Tennessee, but being in the house of the Lord didn’t prevent two ladies from getting into a fight.

Watch the wild footage in the videos below.


Happy Graduation, indeed! I love how the music was playing and the kids were strolling by with their caps and gowns too. What a couple of classy broads. I can’t even imagine how mortified the two kids related to those jackasses must’ve been. And here I thought clapping and cheering obnoxiously was the most embarrassing thing your family could do at a graduation.

According to FOX13 Memphis, the fight started “over a request to change seats.” They also have a longer video of the incident, including a hilarious aerial view of the students walking down the goddamn aisle while the fight is taking place.

After the brawl, the woman in the brown dress was seen in handcuffs in the lobby. I guess nobody had a straitjacket handy for that nutjob.

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