Panama City Beach Spring Break 2017: Must-See Photos & Videos

Panama City Beach, long one of the prime college destinations for spring break and general bad behavior, has turned its back on the beloved tradition of excessive day drinking.
Two years ago, PCB instituted an annual one-month ban on alcohol possession and consumption on the beach in March after years of alcohol-related incidents. If you’ve ever been to PCB, you know the beach is where all of the drinking goes down, so this was a sub-optimal turn of events. While the one-month ban has led to fewer incidents for police, it has also led to a 50 percent drop in hotel reservations and a 50 to 85 percent drop in business, according to local companies. Despite the financial downturn, Bay County Commissioner Mike Thomas has maintained that the ban will continue.
Bummer, dude. Way to be the ultimate buzzkill. I curse you to a lifetime of stubbed toes and slow WiFi.
Having said all that and painted PCB into a corner, it’s not like you can’t have fun if you’re in the area for spring break. The hotels are lined across the beach, meaning drinking is still very, very do-able. Plus, the weather is absolutely gorgeous. You try to be upset while dancing in the sunshine and have boobs jiggle all around you.
So, turn the frown upside down and get in the game. It’s still spring break, after all.

Daytona Beach Spring Break 2017: Must-See Photos & Videos
Daytona Beach Spring Break 2017: Must-See Photos & Videos
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