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South Padre Island Spring Break 2017: Must-See Photos & Videos


Spring break 2017 is officially here. Crack that beer, pop that bottle, lose that bikini top. You guys know the drill. By now, partying should be second nature to you college and post-grad veterans.

If you’re trying to turn up – and I mean¬†really¬†turn up – there’s no better destination than South Padre Island in Cameron County, Texas. It’s an amazing oasis of bad behavior and poor decisions.

South Padre Island’s population is just south of 3,000 during the off-season, but that number swells considerably when spring break rolls around. At this wonderful time, a high tide of drunken college students come storming into town to wreak unspeakably awesome havoc. The term “epic” gets thrown around far too freely these days, but South Padre Island truly lives up to the word’s meaning.

Just take a look at the gallery of crazy shenanigans above or these salacious Spring Break videos below. You won’t regret it.





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