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Lake Havasu Spring Break 2017: Must-See Photos & Videos


Spring break is a time honored tradition here in the United States that enables all college students to cut loose and party in ways that aren’t even socially acceptable back in the throes of campus living. Debauchery is the only goal during spring break. If you haven’t done a single thing that put you at risk for hepatitis then you’re doing it wrong. Just kidding, if you don’t get alcohol poisoning then you’re doing it wrong.

That’s why everyone is so excited that spring break 2017 is finally here. When it comes to spring break, no location in the country goes harder than Lake Havasu in Mohave County, Arizona. They’ve got the most drinking, the craziest parties and the absolute hottest ladies in the country. Period. The End. No Debate.

Don’t believe me? Scroll through that lovely gallery above. Still not convinced? Feast your eyes on the balls-to-the-wall videos below.

If you’re not on board with Lake Havasu for spring break 2017 after all that, you may not have a pulse.

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