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Still figuring out where you want to go for Spring Break this year? Florida is traditional, but there are people who live on the other side of the U.S. who’d rather somewhere local. Lake Havasu in Arizona hosts one of the biggest Spring Break party zones on the West Coast and we have all the details you need!

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The place’s official website boasts that all you need to have a good time is “just a week off, a few bucks, a little planning, and (within reason!) a commitment to do the exact opposite of studying.”
The area boasts dozens of restaurants, with both American-style and international-style restaurants. Check out the official dining guide to know which areas are nearby and even how pricy everything is. If all else fails, there are at least two whole McDonald’s, so they got you covered!
With beautiful sandy beaches, there is a lot of things for you to do, including boat rentals, even cabana boats (which come complete with “a sofa, a barbecue, a flat-screen TV, an ice chest stocked with ice, a sound system, beach chairs, and more”) and watersports rentals.

But that’s just what you can do in the day. The real fun comes out when the sun comes down! The area boasts a lavish nightlife, complete with top artists performing rap, EDM and hip-hop. There are sports bars. There are surf bars. There are party bars. There is even a bar with no name.
Located in Arizona, as mentioned above, the place is said to be a three-hour drive from Phoenix, a little more than a two-hour ride from Las Vegas and four to five hours from Los Angeles. If you live to far away, don’t worry, as Phoenix and Las Vegas boasts the largest international airports in the region.
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