Surveillance Footage Shows Man Trying To Kidnap A Woman's Daughter At McDonald's Drive-Thru

This newly released surveillance footage shows Jessica Wilson desperately attempting to safely give her toddler to a McDonald’s drive-thru employee as she fights off the child’s father who had allegedly kidnapped and beat her.

Wilson was seen on CCTV video running out of a car with her two-year-old daughter in her hands in the drive-thru of a McDonald’s in Cincinnati. Wilson was trying to escape the child’s father, Levenski Crossty, 27, who immediately got out of the car and tried to snatch the toddler away from Wilson.


Levenski Crossty, the child’s father, managed to pull the child away from Wilson. Crossty got back in the car with the child and drove away, leaving Wilson, prosecutors said, stranded and “desperately asking someone to call 911.”
That July 2016 incident is at the center of Crossty’s trial, which began Tuesday with opening statements before Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Jody Luebbers.
Assistant Prosecutor Matthew Broo called it “a night of sheer terror” for Wilson that began when Crossty broke into the house where she was staying with her four children. The 27-year-old Delhi Township man is the father of the youngest, the 2-year-old girl.
When Crossty drove away from the Sayler Park McDonald’s, all four children were inside the Pontiac Grand Am. Wilson was left badly beaten, with two black eyes, bruises, a cut on her head, and a bite mark on her hand.

Stephan Madden, Crossty’s attorney, said the incident was a misdemeanor domestic incident, claiming that Crossty drove away with the children to protect them from Wilson, who he alleged was intoxicated at the time.
Crossty is charged with felonious assault, theft, and multiple counts of abduction and kidnapping.

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