Definitely A Bad Idea To Ask Scottie Pippen Where The Dude Who Smashed His Wife Is

This guy is doing no favors for the reputation of the paparazzi. In the upside down world of 3027, I honestly feel like prostitution is more socially acceptable (SOCIALLY, not legally) than being in the paparazzi. With prostitutes, the narrative is usually that they had a rough upbringing, they were out of options, yada yada yada. I’m with all that.
But when it comes to paparazzi, these are people that clearly have options. First of all, they live near Los Angeles or New York, which, if you have not heard, is not cheap. Next, they have these super fancy cameras that they use to harass all the celebrities. Ask that one weird photography friend of yours how much their camera costs.
The last and most hatable thing about the paparazzi is that their job is to essentially stalk people and bombard them with pictures and questions. I understand that there’s a market for tabloids and celebrity news, but even in a capitalist society like ours, sometimes you need to have a little pride in your profession.
So this paparazzi guy yelling “where’s Future?” at Scottie Pippen, who is 6’8″, 227 lbs, (Future reportedly f*cked Pippen’s wife) is doing this profession no favors.

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