Boxer Knocked Out By Fan Throwing Ice Bucket Into Ring

On Saturday, January 28, 2017, Toronto’s Brandon Cook took on Montreal’s Steven Butler in a light middleweight championship bout at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada. Cook picked up a TKO victory after the referee was focused to stop the fight in the seventh round. But unfortunately for Cook, he would become the first fighter to ever win and get knocked out in the same damn fight.
Watch as total bedlam broke out after the fight was called.

Jesus, that was some scary stuff. The sound of that ice bucket connecting with Cook’s head made an absolutely sickening sound. That was probably the most dangerous environment I’ve seen at a boxing match since the riot at Madison Square Garden during the first Riddick Bowe/Andrew Golota fight.
Thankfully, Cook avoided serious injury from that dickhead fan. Here’s Global News with more.

Cook was one of the five people injured after he was hit in the face by an ice bucket. Cook and his corner team quickly left the arena for security reasons.
Two security guards in their 20s were treated at the scene for minor injuries, while a 42-year-old man and a 49-year-old woman were taken to hospital for treatment.
Brabant said it took roughly 30 minutes to diffuse the situation.
Two men in their 20s were arrested and according to Brabant, could face charges of armed assault and assault causing bodily harm.
Camille Estephan president of Eye of the Tiger Management and promoter of the match expressed his disappointment. He said the incident was “embarrassing” and qualified the actions as “irresponsible and inexcusable.”

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