WATCH: MMA Ring Girl Melissa Lori Punched In The Face HARD (Accidentally)

In case you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a video of an MMA ring girl being punched in the face hard (but accidentally) by the loser of a match and the video is going viral. Once you get past the shock and awe of the power with which this girl gets socked, you’ll no doubt rewatch it a couple of times to see whether or not the fighter intentionally meant to hit her. Honestly, he didn’t. How do we know for sure? Because we know who the ring girl is.
Her name is Melissa Lori and she used to be a Miss COED a few years back. Two days after she worked as a Ring Girl for Titan FC 42, Melissa posted to Instagram to tell her fans about what happened and how she was doing. Here’s the quote:

2 days ago I got punched in the face accidentally by an mma champion on national tv. I thought this was a nightmare and I was completely mortified. I have had people writing nasty comments and laughing thinking this was a joke. This was no joke and yes I am lucky to have walked out of the ring with just a sore chin. The fighter and I hugged afterwards and he apologized. Now I can laugh about the exposure it is bringing me. Bang that till you pass out 💪🏼👊🏼 chin of steel baby.

In addition to working as a Ring Girl, Melissa is a published model, so you know that she was probably a little worried about how she’d look the next day. Thankfully, I think she’s OK. But that might be the last time she ever works as an MMA Ring Girl.

Better angle.
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