Meek Mill, King Of Taking Ls, Busts His Ass Down His Momma's Stairs

Yooooooooooo, Meek Mill has legitimately been on an 18-month losing streak. Back when this snowball started rolling, ya know, with the whole Drake thing, I actually thought Meek had an upper hand on October’s Very Own and that the beef could potentially end up being detrimental to Drake‘s career. I come to you today a humbled man, as I have literally never been more wrong in my life. Ever since that time, Meek Mill went from respected Philly rapper to an L factory.
Whether it’s getting repeatedly bodied by Drake, making less money than his girl, or getting dumped by his girl, Meek Mill hasn’t seen a dub in the better part of two years (for the sake of the article, we’re gonna ignore the massive W that is getting to smash Nicki Minaj for two years).
That leads us to 2017. First, he got dumped by Nicki Minaj, which is easily the biggest loss Meek has ever taken in his life. You just don’t recover from that, he peaked too early. No matter who Meek ends up with next, she ain’t no Nicki.
But the Ls didn’t stop there. Apparently, Mother Nature doesn’t f*ck with Meek Mill either:
If I’m Meek, I double down on this whole ‘L’ thing and become a walking caricature of myself. Have my life become like a hidden camera prank show, ya know? No one’s taking him seriously as a rapper anymore, so he might as well make some money of off being a joke.

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