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WATCH: Meek Mill Diss Drake On Tour, Plus A Timeline Of Events


Meek Mill Diss Track

Another day, another chapter in the already legendary (because it’s so damn hilarious) DrakeMeek Mill beef. For those who have been living in a black hole the last week, here’s a summary of what has happened so far:

July 21: Meek Mill disses Drake on Twitter for not promoting Meek’s new album, claims Drake has a ghost writer. The rap world is decently shocked, as Drake is rap’s golden boy.

July 25th: Drake drop’s a Meek Mill diss, entitled “Charged Up”. The rap world is collectively confused, wondering why Drake would drop such a soft and slow diss track. Then the rap world collectively remembered that Drake is Drake, and soft and slow is his sh*t.

July 27th: Legendary Power 105.1 DJ Funkmaster Flex claims he has Meek’s response, and that he will be dropping it at 7 PM. He actually has nothing, making himself and Meek look worse in the process.

July 29th: Drake drops second diss track, “Back to Back”. This one is actually half way decent, so the rap world begins siding with Drake, already getting over the whole “ghost writer” thing.

July 30th: Meek finally responds with his own track, “Wanna Know” which actually turned out to be worse than having no response at all. Rumors of Nicki Minaj dumping Meek start spreading, as do the memes.

August 3rd: Drake performs “Charged Up” and “Back to Back” live for the first time at Toronto’s OVO Fest, displays aforementioned memes at concert. Meek slips into a deeper circle of rap-beef hell.

That brings us to today, August 5th. Last night, during The Pinkprint Tour‘s stop in Charlotte, N.C. Meek  debuted a new verse with bars aimed at Drake. However, yet again, it is awful, and Meek looks bad, again. The video sucks, but so does the verse.

He then resorted to threatening Drake with a wedgie.

So there you have it folks, another entry in what might be the most unnecessary, ridiculous, softer than baby sh*t rap-beef in the history of both rap and beef. Stay tuned for updates, as Meek is sure to make himself look bad yet again. Or Drake is sure to make himself look soft again. Either way, I’m in.

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