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Guess Which One Of These Three People Said The N-Word On National Television


If you guessed the dude on the right, you nailed it. His name is Charles Kaiser. Charles, dude, you look old and smart and accomplished, so you should have the benefit of experience and knowledge on your side: YOU DO NOT SAY THE N-WORD ON NATIONAL TELEVISION. I don’t care if you’re quoting a known racist, rapping along to a Lil Wayne song, or reciting lines from Django Unchained, you gotta be smart enough not to say it. To his defense, he was quoting someone who he believes is a racist (Bannon is a racist) and was trying to get his point across, but in no way is this a smart move.

Quick list of pros/cons for you here, Charles:


-You’re actually a racist who just wanted to be racist on television, and if so, congrats?

-You’re trying to get yourself fired from whatever job you currently hold.

-As South Park would say about Family Guy, you’re all about the shock laughs.


-You offend about 80% of the country.

-You unintentionally get yourself fired from whatever job you currently hold.

-You look racist.

-You look dumb.

-You never get to appear on another news show again.

Point being, Charles, life comes down to pros and cons. I don’t think he’s a racist, but saying the n-word, no matter the context, is just plain ignorant.

Also, am I the only one who thought of this afterward?:

Brooke Baldwin, the host of the show, got emotional afterward:

[h/t Washington Post]

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