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WATCH: Norwegians Play Drunk Soccer Match With A Minimum BAC & Hilarity Ensues

humornieu's YouTube

humornieu’s YouTube

In case you needed any more proof that alcohol is a magical elixir that can make anything better, here’s a video of some Norwegians playing drunk soccer. Normally, watching an indoor soccer game between a bunch of everyday dudes would be about as fun as a root canal, but that is most definitely not the case when every player on the pitch is annihilated.

Check out the riveting action in the video below.

Is that Donovan McNabb’s long-lost cousin?

humornieu's YouTube

humornieu’s YouTube

I think the WNBA just figured out how to boost attendance figures. I was absolutely captivated watching those guys try to play soccer while they were three sheets to the wind. The minimum BAC rule was ingenious, as it really ramped up the intensity and prevented anybody from sandbagging like that annoying ass kid from high school that would act shitfaced after drinking two Nattys.

Not only was that video thoroughly entertaining, I also found out that motherf*cker is the same in Norwegian as it is in English. You really do learn something new everyday.

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