WATCH: If You’re Having A Rough Week, Here’s A Video Of Dancing Bears From ‘Planet Earth II’

Feel like life is going down the tubes? Caught up with all the craziness on the news? We’re here to help. Just watch this video of dancing bears! Feeling better already? Well, I’d hope so. It’s sometimes hard to notice the good and beautiful things that are all around us in this world, especially if we just keep focusing on what’s bad or wrong. But this delightful video of jammin’ bears is certainly all that’s right in life.

Planet Earth II is back! Earlier this week, they brought us the stunning footage of a marine iguana narrowly escaping from a slew of snakes. Now, this BBC program has left the Galapagos Islands and will return next Sunday, but to a mountainous area of the Canadian Rockies, home to grizzly bears scratching their back on trees, seemingly dancing as the 1973 Kool and the Gang hit “Jungle Boogie” plays for all to hear. The YouTube video description says it all, “Sometimes bears have an itch they just have to scratch!”

Can’t bear a moment longer? Are you getting annoyed with my banter and just want to see those damn dancing bears already?! Okay, okay. I’ll stop typing and give you the video you’ve been waiting for. Maybe you’ll even dance along with the song. Or maybe not. Whatever. Just watch.

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