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WATCH: Planet Earth II’s Segment On Marine Iguanas Was Hollywood-Esque



Planet Earth II debuted last night on BBC America to amazing reviews,¬†but there was¬†perhaps no better moment than the scene depicting what happens to Marine Iguana hatchlings when they’re born. It was like something out of a Hollywood movie, except it’s real, and all filmed in stunning 4K.

The scene starts on the beach, as a Marine Iguana hatchling is born underneath the sand. His goal is to make it to the rocks near the sea, where he’ll be safe, but first, he has to traverse a long path which is absolutely teeming with enemies–namely the numerous racer snakes who all want an easy meal. What happens next can only be called one of the greatest chase scenes in movie history, as the snakes come from everywhere trying to chase down the baby iguanas.

Watch and be amazed.

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