WATCH: Guy Tries To Impress Girls By Wrestling Panda, Doesn't Work Out Too Well

At a Chinese zoo, a man snuck into a wildlife exhibit and thought it would be a good idea to wrestle a panda. Apparently, the man wanted to impress two women so like any desperate male would do, he hopped the fence and went after the napping Mei Ling, the zoo’s 266-pound panda bear. I bet you can guess what happens next.

Hey buddy, have you ever heard of dinner and a movie? On what planet did you think this is a good idea? I don’t know about you, but wrestling a giant panda falls at the bottom of “how to impress women.” Then again, I haven’t been impressing any women as of late so maybe I should be taking notes from this guy.
The upset of the century was the fact that this guy walked away unharmed. How is that even possible? The panda had him in his grasp for almost five minutes and somehow the man did not break any bones. Apparently, the panda only wanted to play so it was a friendly wrestling match. Once again, this guy is the luckiest dude on the planet.
That being said, I’m disappointed in this panda. If someone goes into your cage and wants to wrestle, I expect you to go all out and take no prisoners. I can’t have this panda going easy on this dude and make it a friendly competition. If this happens again, the panda should go full Undertaker and tombstone this guy into the afterlife.

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