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WATCH: Miami Heat Cameraman Creeps On Attractive Lady During Halftime

@World_Wide_Wob's Vine

@World_Wide_Wob’s Vine

Halftime has gotta be pretty boring for an NBA cameraman, as there’s no game action for them to film. And it’s not like they can just leave their spot like a normal fan and grab a hot dog and a beer from a concession stand. You can only watch so many dudes chuck up uncontested warm-up shots before your mind starts to wander. So I can’t blame this Miami Heat cameraman for creeping on an attractive young lady during halftime of last night’s game against the San Antonio Spurs.

Play on, playa. That might not have been the coyest maneuver, but I can’t deny that he has good taste. I honestly don’t even know how any Miami Heat games get filmed in the first place with all the unreal South Beach talent sitting courtside. I’d have my head on a goddamn swivel all night long, frantically scoping out the arena for babes like I was playing a high stakes game of Where’s Waldo?

The Heat ended up losing to the Spurs 106-99, but both that cameraman and I couldn’t have cared less. Like the old saying goes, “Hoes before meaningless October basketball.”

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