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WATCH: Gigantic Spider Snatches Mouse In Terrifying Video

Jason Womal/LiveLeak

Jason Womal/LiveLeak

I’ve long held a theory that Australia is only filled with gorgeous women and things that want to kill you. That’s it. This frightening video of a huge spider catching a mouse is strong evidence towards my argument that Australia is both the sexiest and deadliest continent in the world.

“What’s he gonna do with him?” I think we both damn well know the answer to that question, mate. But I’m not going to be too hard on the narrator because I most definitely wouldn’t have been able to shoot that footage. I would’ve let out a scream like Marv and hauled ass outta there.

Here’s the video’s description from LiveLeak.

This is the terrifying moment an Australian Huntsman Spider clutches onto a small mouse before making a hasty getaway with his dinner.

Mackay man Jason Womal captured the video in a neighbour’s house as he was leaving for work in the early house of Sunday morning.

If I were Jason, it’s safe to say that I would never step foot into that house again. I don’t care if his neighbor holds a party with free booze, food, and a reunion concert from Led Zeppelin. I’m politely declining that invitation so fast it’d make your head spin.

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