Nov 28, 2018

Andrea Dorothy Chan Reyes Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details

Andrea Dorothy Chan Reyes, a 33-year-old woman wanted for an alleged deadly hit-and-run in the United States, has been found...

Mar 24, 2017

F1 Australian Grand Prix Live Stream: How To Watch Online

This weekend, car enthusiasts will be buzzing as the F1 Australian Grand Prix takes place. The event will feature some...

Mar 20, 2017

Australian Teenager Jumps Into Crocodile-Infested Waters To Impress Smokeshow, Almost Dies

Lee De Paauw, an 18-year-old Australian teen, almost had his armed ripped off by a 13-foot long crocodile after jumping...

Feb 21, 2017

Badass Waitress Drags Huge Goanna Lizard Out Of Australian Restaurant

Over the weekend, a six-foot goanna lizard walked into Mimosa Wines & Drystone Restaurant in New South Wales, Australia. The...

Nov 25, 2016

WATCH: Australian Man Delivers Absolutely Hilarious News Interview

An Australian man was called a hero after chasing down a hit-and-run driver and helping police make an arrest. To...

Nov 2, 2016

WATCH: Australians Pretend To Be Professional Golfers, Enter North Korean Golf Open

Australians Morgan Ruig and Evan Shay aren’t very good at golf, but that might be because they have enormous balls,...

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Nov 1, 2016

Props To This Kid For Keeping His Cool As This Girl Beats The Piss Out Of Him

Everyone is taught from a young age that “men don’t hit women.” It’s just a fact of life that I...

WATCH: Gigantic Spider Snatches Mouse In Terrifying Video

I’ve long held a theory that Australia is only filled with gorgeous women and things that want to kill you....

Oct 24, 2016

WATCH: Bikini-Clad Party Animal Gets Tased & Still Manages To Sprint Away From Cops

A 26-year-old woman went to Georges River National Park in Sydney, Australia to engage in a good, old-fashioned turn up...

Sep 30, 2016

WATCH: Australia vs Lithuania Live Stream Olympic Basketball

Australia and Lithuania play in the first game of the Men’s Olympic Basketball quarterfinals today, meaning that we’re officially in...

Aug 17, 2016

Aug 17, 2016

WATCH: Lit AF Cigarette Smoking Australian Uses Keg To Break Into Bar, Predictably Fails Miserably

Dude, I’ve wanted a drink as a bad as the next guy, but this is next level. Where’d he get...

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Aug 16, 2016

WATCH: Australia vs. Serbia Live Stream Olympic Basketball

The first Women’s Olympic Quarterfinals Basketball game will be between Australia and Serbia at 10:00 AM today. Although the game...

Aug 12, 2016

WATCH: China vs. Australia Live Stream Olympic Basketball

China and Australia, the two greatest teams in the Pacific, tip off today for some Group A Men’s Olympic Basketball...

Aug 10, 2016

Team USA Basketball Is Playing Dellevadova’s Australia Team Tonight, Here’s How You Can Watch

The United States and Australia will be facing off tonight, with tip off at 6 PM EST on NBC Sports...

Aug 8, 2016

Serbia vs Australia Live Stream: How To Watch Olympic Basketball Online

The Serbia and Australia Men’s Basketball teams will tip off on Monday afternoon at 1:15 PM EST, with both teams...

Aug 6, 2016

Australia vs France Live Stream: How To Watch Olympic Basketball Online

The first Olympic Men’s Basketball game tips off between two of the world’s powerhouses: Australia and France, both of whom...

Jul 6, 2016

This Video Of Margot Robbie Is Proof I Can Watch Her Do Literally Anything For Hours On End

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times: Margot Robbie is the perfect woman. This chick could...

Dec 25, 2015

WATCH: Epic Ice Cream Shop Brawl, People Get Hit With Chairs Like It’s WWE

This all took place on Christmas Eve, no less. AND it’s in Australia, and as I’ve said before, Australia is...

Oct 28, 2015

Dude Formally Charged For ‘Slut Shaming’

An Aussie is currently faces charges of menacing and harassing use of a carriage service for verbally attacking a woman...

Jun 22, 2015

Condom Vending Machine Installed in Australian Library

For anyone who’s ever had the fantasy of boning in the library, Australia is helping you get closer to your...

Jan 26, 2015

Top 10 Most Horrifyingly Dangerous Animals In Australia [PHOTOS]

In celebration of Australia Day, we thought that we’d pay respect to the only people crazy enough to live on...

Jan 14, 2015

1.7-Ton Great White Shark Shut Down Australian Beaches

A 1.7 ton Great White Shark (roughly the same weight as an Aston Martin Vanquish) has been sighted off the...

Jun 22, 2014

Lara Bingle Turns 27: Celebrate With Her 27 Sexiest Pics [PHOTOS]

  Australian model, fashion designer, socialite, and television personality Lara Bingle is celebrating her 27th year in style today. The...

Nov 12, 2013

Watch An Australian Man Go Through The Road Rage Of The Century [VIDEO]

Aw, Crikey! Mate must have replaced the shrimp on the barbie with bath salts from the alley. The 34-year-old man...

Sep 4, 2013

Austrailian Football Team Celebrates End Of Season By Lighting Dwarf On Fire

A celebration with the teammates? Screw getting drunk and ordering strippers, let’s go straight for the little people and light...

Apr 3, 2013

Australian Couple Gets Four DUIs In One Day

DUI is not a crime you want to get charged with. And it’s even worse if you get a second...

Jan 23, 2013

The 24 Sexiest Aussie Athletes For Australia Day [PHOTOS]

January 26th is Australia Day, a time when we should reflect on all the awesomeness that those convicts “down under”...

Dec 17, 2012

Hanna Griffiths

Hanna is a 24-year-old actress and model currently living in the only place appropriate for someone of her talents: Hollywood,...

Oct 18, 2012

Hey Prime Minister Of Australia, Have A Nice Trip, See You Next Fall! [VIDEO]

It’s got to be tough being the Prime Minister of Australia. First of all, you’re the leader of a crazy...

Jul 24, 2012

44 Sexiest Australian Olympians 2012 [PHOTOS]

The competition is getting fierce as the Olympics start tomorrow with some soccer. Specifically, we mean the competition for which...

Jul 19, 2012

Australian Hurdler Michelle Jenneke Is The New Allison Stokke [PHOTOS, GIFS, VIDEO]

In just one race, Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke has become a viral sensation after footage of her pre-race warmup dance...

May 3, 2012

New Zealand Challenges Australia at Extreme (Maybe Fatal) Drinking Games

Australia got most of the credit for planking, but the New Zealand city of Dunedin can claim to be the home of a hot new drinking game. In fact, people are guzzling like mad to join in the fad of Possum. (That might have something to do with Dunedin being a popular surfing destination.) Pay attention, because the rules are complicated: 1) Climb tree. 2) Get drunk. 3) Fall out of tree.

May 3, 2012

The Dictator Gives Advice On The Australian Morning News [VIDEO]

Waking up to watch the morning news is not a luxury I enjoy, but catching clips of these Australian newscasters...

Apr 22, 2012

Three Drunk Australians Steal Penguin From SeaWorld [VIDEO]

[What you’re about to watch is an early entry for Best News Video Of The Year] How was your weekend?...

Apr 4, 2012

Wilmer Valderrama and the Top 7 A**-Getting Assclowns

What do Minka Kelly, Lindsay Lohan, and Scarlett Johannson all have in common? The fact that they’ve all been with...

Mar 29, 2012

Australia Vs. New Zealand Bellyflopping Contest Is Painfully Awesome [VIDEO]

“The Aussies and Kiwis are real puss*es,” said no one ever. Australia and New Zealand are two nations who love...

Jan 25, 2012

21 Sexiest Aussie Athletes [PHOTOS]

If there’s ever a day to give thanks to Australia for all the awesome stuff they’ve given us, January 26th...

Dec 22, 2011

Drunk Australian Accuses Skaters Of Stealing Then Fight Breaks Out [VIDEO]

Here's the deal because you might not be able to describe what these people are saying between all the drunkenness, children crying, and use of the word '"c*nt:" the shirtless drunkard is accusing the skater punks of stealing his red Oakleys. I'm not going to get into why he owns a pair of red Oakleys, but after a verbal confrontation and the arrival of the drunk's wife/kid, they turn to leave. The skater punks then throw something at their backs as their walking away, and that's when the shirtless guy loses it. I'll leave you guys to watch the rest. Enjoy yourselves after the jump

Jun 3, 2011

Crazy Aussie Woman Hand-Feeds a Shark [VIDEO]

Australians see sharks everywhere, but that's no excuse to be this ridiculous. This woman thinks that just because she's a shark "expert" she can understand when a shark and her have an understanding. She decides to feed this great white shark WITH HER HAND. You've got one guess what happens next... Check out the video after the jump.

May 19, 2011

10 Most Misleading Movie Trailers Of All-Time [VIDEOS, POLL]

What the hell was that about? Have you ever felt this way after watching a movie trailer? Has a movie trailer fooled you into believing that the film you are going to see is heading in a different direction? This happens all the time in Hollywood and you can thank the marketing behind such films. Although some movie trailers mislead you, there are only a few that have done this on an epic level. This movie trailers sold me on the film but left me wishing I never wasted my money. Check 'em out after the jump!

Apr 26, 2011

27 Hot & Huggable Aussies For Hug An Australian Day [PHOTOS]

April 26th is Hug an Australian Day, a copyrighted holiday created by, a health & wellness company that also produces quirky holidays for calendars, to show their appreciation for all the love and support the Aussies have given them over the years. Anyone who's ever read COED knows we have a deep appreciation for dimes from down under. That's why we're presenting you with the 27 hottest, most huggable Australian women in celebration of this hump-worthy holiday! See who made the list after the jump!

Jan 19, 2011

WTF News Of The Day: Sex Doll Saves Teens, Buried Alive, And A Monk’s Bone Job

Today's WTF news items feature a lovable floatation device used by a couple of teens in Australia, a Brazilian man who probably has a greater appreciation for Ryan Reynolds' film "Buried", and a Greek monk who's finally getting around to taking care of that quasi-saint that died four years ago. Read more after the jump!

Oct 2, 2010

World’s Best Party Spots: Lagos, Portugal

On the Southern coast of Portugal is one of the craziest party towns in the world - Lagos, Portugal.

Jul 22, 2010

60 Scrum-tious Rugby Cheerleaders 2010

With the start of football training camp just a week away, we’re stuck sitting on our hands, waiting to satisfy our need for sports. Luckily, in other parts of the world, another awesome sport, rugby, is going full force. And little did we know, but rugby also has ridiculously hot cheerleaders. So sit back, grab a beer, and get ready for the scrum-tuous cheerleaders of rugby!

Jun 28, 2010

Sexy Soccer Superfans of the 2010 FIFA World Cup: June 28 [240 Photos]

Still laying in bed in a drunken stupor over the fact that the US Team didn't pull a 1980s Miracle? Well cheer up because even though we're out of the World Cup doesn't mean that we're out of amazing photos of sexy superfans. So show your true American colors by spending your Monday at work checking out hot chicks.

Jun 22, 2010

USA Soccer Superfans of the 2010 World Cup [63 Photos]

The U.S fans have more than made up for the fact that they never watched soccer before the World Cup. The fans are looking more patriotic than ever and we're pretty sure these latest superfan photos will blow the competition out of the water. So get out your vuvuzela, throw away your drafted letter to get that ref fired, and get ready to call in sick to work tomorrow to help cheer on the U.S Soccer Team.

Jun 21, 2010

Sexy Soccer Superfans of the 2010 World Cup: June 21 [76 Photos]

The vuvuzelas aren't the only things getting a rise out of us at the 2010 World Cup. The sexy superfans are also continuing to get us hot and bothered every time we turn on the TV. So hot and bothered that we debated emptying out our bank accounts just to buy the plane tickets to see these super fine fans in person, But decided to spend the the entire day looking at these amazing photos of the sexiest superfans instead.

Jun 18, 2010

2010 World Cup Bodypaint Babe Bonanza: Chinese Edition [32 Photos]

The action keeps heating up in the 2010 FIFA World Cup and everyone is doing their part cheering on their country's team. But what if your country sucks at playing soccer... like China? Well, do what these gorgeous Chinese models have done and give your body to the World Cup. No, we're not talking about prostitution. We're talking about using bodypaint to let everyone know exactly what team you're cheering for. Because nothing says I'll do whatever it takes to be involved in the excitement like painting yourself with pride.

Jun 15, 2010

Sexy Soccer Superfans of the South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup: June 15th [85 Photos]

The competition during the games isn't the only thing heating up at the World Cup. The Sexy Superfans are getting hotter by the day and we're having some major trouble deciding which country has the sexiest fans. The only thing we did figure out was that it doesn't matter which teams win, because as long as these smoking hot photos keep surfacing, we're all going home feeling like champions.

Jun 14, 2010

2010 World Cup Bodypaint Babes: Germany Vs. Australia

While you were prepping for the World Cup by buying a 3D TV and frantically googling the rules of soccer, erotic actress from Germany and Australia were psyching up their countries by posing nude. The super sexy models weren't hiding their team spirit when they decked themselves out in patriotic body paint. Which country had the sexier models? You'll have to decide that for yourself.

Jun 10, 2010

Sexy Soccer Superfans of the South Africa 2010 World Cup [300 Photos]

Remember the last time you went to a big sporting event and the female fans went all out by showing their team spirit in every which way possible? No? Well that's probably because you were stuck in America where women throw on a baseball hat and quietly cheer for their team. Not so at the 2010 World Cup where women deck themselves out in team spirit and show us the true meaning of a sexy superfan.

May 8, 2010

Avoid the Burn and Buy Sunscreen

As the days get longer and hotter, you should think about what you're putting on your skin to get you through each day. And that thing should be sunscreen -- scientists say so and wrinkled pictures of old people prove it. Lets take a look at what you should be wearing every day.

Feb 1, 2010

Possession Obsession! Match the Psyco With His Covet

Click here to see the answers (You lazy porker! . . .sheesh, aren’t you even going to try!?!?!?) Bonus question!  ...

Dec 7, 2009

World Cup 2010 Draw Results: Sexy Superfan Edition

Four years is a long time, but the wait has been well worth it. Next Friday kicks off the 2010...

Aug 21, 2009

60 Scrum-tious Rugby Cheerleaders

With the start of football season still a week away, we're stuck sitting on our hands, waiting to satisfy our need for sports. (Sorry baseball, you're boring.) Luckily, in places like South Africa and Australia, another awesome sport, rugby, is going full force. And little did we know, but rugby also has ridiculously hot cheerleaders. So sit back, grab a beer, and get ready for the scrum-tuous cheerleaders of rugby!

Jun 7, 2009

The War on Wearing Robber’s Masks [Video]

What would you do if a man walked into your place of business wearing pantie hose? Probably freak the f**k out. But "probably" wasn't good enough for Australian comedian Chris Taylor of CNNNN's hit show The Chaser; he had to find out for himself. So he slid a pair of nylons over his head and went to do a little shopping...

Feb 13, 2009

Holy Crap! This Actually Exists!?! [Video]

You know those Mummy movies where Brendan Fraser is trying to outrun the giant dust storm? Yeah, those f**king things actually exist. Yes, in Australia - home of everything naturally dangerous. Why these people are driving into this massive dust storm, I have no clue. But something tells me their about to help humanity evolve...

Jun 9, 2008

Jessica Gomes is Today’s Daily Snapshot

Born in 1985, Jessica Gomes is an Australian model of Singaporean and Portuguese decent. She first exploded onto the scene...

Jan 25, 2008

Corey “Party Boy” Delaney is Now a Promoter

When I threw a pajama-party at my parent’s house in New Hampshire a few years back, about 70+ people showed...

Dec 12, 2007

If Athletes are Stripped of Their Awards For Drug Use, Should Entertainers Be As Well?

The use of performance-enhancing drugs in sports is a slippery slope indeed. Olympic athlete Marion Jones was stripped of her...

Nov 5, 2007

The Daily Shocker: Colts Use Fake Audio for Cheers

VIDEO/AUDIO: Not only did the Indianapolis Colts lose against the New England Patriots 24-20 but they also used Milli-Vanilli-esque fake...

Oct 16, 2007

Miss COED: Holly Valance

Check out the gallery!...

Oct 11, 2007

Kids Pole-Dancing: Hot or Not?

In a world where strippers make more money than most political figures, is it wrong to teach the youth of...

Sep 18, 2007

The Daily Shocker: Suing God

Kentucky State Senator Ernie Chambers plans on suing God to prove a point about frivolous lawsuits. In return, God plans...

Aug 20, 2007

Political Aussie Gets Flossy at Strip Club

Some politicians debate on issues via live television, others stuff taxpayers money up a stripper’s G-string. They handle politics differently...