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Watch This Rick & Morty Re-Enactment Of A REAL Court Transcript, Because It Will Be The Hardest You’ll Laugh Today

via Youtube

via Youtube

Back in June, I brought you this patently absurd story of an altercation between Georgia Judge Bryant Durham, and alleged murderer Denver Allen. Allen, accused of committing a deadly jailhouse beatdown last year, appeared in court representing himself, claiming his public defender said he would only do “a good job” if he was allowed to give Allen oral sex. Judge Durham advised him against it. From there on, it only became more insane — at one point Allen tells the judge “suck my d*ck, you f*ckman.” They go back and forth about s*cking d*ck, f*cking boys, murdering families, etc. And ALLLLLL of this took place inside of a real United States courthouse.

Then, a little over two months ago, Adult Swim entertained their San Diego Comic-Con audience with a re-enactment of this very altercation. Rick and Morty voice Justin Roiland read the transcript between Judge Bryant Durham, Jr. of the Superior Court of Floyd County, Georgia, and defendant Denver Fenton Allen. In the time since, Youtuber tiarawhy turned that audio into a sfan animation so impressive that it could pass for a real episode of Rick and Morty.

This is about the third or fourth time I’ve come across this transcript, and it’s funnier every time.

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