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Here’s Another Mind-Blowing Game Of Thrones Theory To Get You Through The Cold Winter Months


game of thrones theory

Jesus, this show needs to come back. I could watch a f*cking toddler explain Thrones to a mute chinese man and still be enthralled. The show is just that damn good. While HBO’s new hit, Westworld, seems like it’s got the goods to keep me entertained for the next three months, NOTHING will compare to Game Of Thrones.

So, while we all painstakingly wait for Thrones to return in June or July or whenever the hell they decide to bring it back, let’s all obsess over every rumor and theory we can possibly find:

I’m on board. I’ve BEEN on board. The King Slayer will become the Queen Slayer. My prediction is that Cersei will meet her end during the final episode of seasonĀ 7.

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