Nathan DeSai Shooter: Full Story & Must-See Details

Nathan Desai has been identified as the shooter who shot and wounded nine people outside a mall in Houston on September 26 before he was killed by law enforcement officers.
Police report that the shootout occurred outside of Randall’s grocery around 6:30 A.M. local time and lasted a full 20-minutes. Some witness claimed that they heard at least fifty different shots that came from both police and Desai.

Who Was Nathan Desai?

Desai was a lawyer at Kenneth McDaniel at McDaniel & Desai LLP, but had apparently separated himself from the firm. On his LinkedIn account, Desai states that he “no longer has any affiliation with Kenneth P. McDaniel.”
The Houston Police Department described him as a disgruntled lawyer who had an issue with his previous law firm. He was a graduate of the University of Tulsa. You can see a photo of the law offices he used to work at below.

According to some Yelp reviews, it was clear that Desai wasn’t exactly the most professional or thoughtful lawyer in the world. Check out one such review below.

What Happened?

Around 6:30 A.M., Nathan Desai opened fire outside a mall in Houston. Witnesses describe a long, 20-minute shootout, and some people even mentioned the fact that they heard bullets flying past their faces. Antoine Wilson described to ABC Houston that she, “literally heard the gunshots pass my face. It’s a hard pill to swallow.”
Witnesses also describe seeing Desai shooting out of the driver’s seat of his car with a rifle equipped with a laser sight. Sounds absolutely horrifying. From Breitbart:

Witness Jennifer Molleda whose husband was shot said she was looking out window and heard bullets go by closely. She said shooter had a red laser on his rifle. People said they could see the red laser in their eyes. The witness said the shooter was aiming at people’s faces in their cars shooting through the windshield on the drivers side.
Her husband is reportedly okay but was shot. When he was shot, he lost control of his car and drove over curbs into the pet store parking lot. He eventually received medical attention and was transported. “I’m hit, I’m hit,” her husband told her on the phone shortly after he was shot. He is currently at Methodist Hospital. He has glass from the windshield in his eyes. She said he was shot twice in the face.

After his death, a bomb squad robot was sent to inspect the body. They discovered that his dead body was near his parked Porsche, which was discovered with additional weapons inside the vehicle. He must have been armed to the teeth if he was involved in a shootout for twenty minutes.
Police apparently tied a rope to his body and rolled the cadaver down the hill in an attempt to see whether or not the body was boobytrapped. An interesting, but effective method of making sure.

Nathan was found dead wearing a Nazi uniform.
Our thoughts are with the victims of the shooting.

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There Was Yet Another Active Shooter Situation This Morning, This Time In Houson
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