Nathan DeSai Photos: Pictures of Houston Mall Shooter

Nathan Desai Shooter Photos

Nathan DeSai has been identified as the man who shot and injured at least nine people at a Houston mall on Monday, September 26. It has since become clear that Desai had become disgruntled after something happened at his law firm, McDaniel & Desai LLP. Desai was shot and killed after a standoff with police that lasted about 20 minutes.
You can learn more about the shooting and his death in the link below.

See photos of Desai from LinkedIn and from the crime scene in the gallery below. The car you see in the pictures is the Porsche that Nathan was firing out of. It was found to be stocked with multiple weapons other than the laser-sighted rifle that Nathan was using to cause mass mayhem.

Nathan DeSai Shooter: Full Story & Must-See Details
Nathan DeSai Shooter: Full Story & Must-See Details
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