FSU Student Accused of Double Stabbing Murder, Biting Off Face Of One Victim

Austin Kelly Harrouff, a 19-year-old FSU student, was arrested for the gruesome and horrible murder of John Stevens III and his wife, Michelle Mishcon, on Monday night. Police who arrived at the scene needed three deputies, a taser, and canine unit to pull Harrouff off of Stevens, at which point they also learned that the psychopath had also bitten off a piece of the man’s face.

Who Is Austin Harrouff?

Austin Harrouff is a current student at FSU (not for much longer) who hails from Jupiter, FL. He was in Miami with a couple of his fraternity brothers but was last seen dining with his parents at Duffy’s, a local sports bar.
His Facebook page states that he’s a member of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity.

What Happened?

Harrouff was having dinner with his parents, who reported that he stormed out of dinner extremely angry after an argument with his father. The Daily News reports that his mother was so nervous that she went so far as to call the police. “His parents called the police after he became angry, possibly over slow service, and walked out of a local sports bar named Duffy’s.” A day later, Fox News reported that his mother Mina told officers that he wasn’t a danger to himself or anyone else.
Additionally, she told police that her son had been acting weird all week, had delusions that he had superpowers, and that he was “here to protect people.”
His parents must have contacted his fraternity brothers because they all started looking for Harrouff.
The next time that Harrouff was seen, he was spotted in the driveway by a female deputy who responded to a stabbing 911 call. Harrouff was on top of John Stevens III, biting pieces of his face off. The female officer hit him with a taser, which apparently had zero effect. Once they were able to successfully subdue him, they learned the extent of his crime.
From The Daily News:

Snyder said Harrouff didn’t know the couple before the 10:30 p.m. attack, which he called “completely unprovoked and random,” the Miami Herald reported. Investigators said Harrouff used a switchblade and several “weapons of opportunity” in the couple’s garage.
“There was an enormous amount of violence in that garage,” Snyder said. He noted deputies found the woman’s body in the garage. Investigators believe Stevens fought for his life before Harrouff killed him and started biting off chunks of his face.

Additionally, Harrouff had injured the couple’s neighbor, who initially tried to subdue the suspect. But after severe trauma, the good samaritan was forced to back off and call 911.
Originally, Harrouff gave a fake identity to the police, but he was eventually identified. When he arrived at the hospital, police say that he was making animal noises.
Police investigating the crime expect that some sort of synthetic drug will be ultimately responsible for the gruesome and extremely violent crime. Earlier tests for cocaine and marijuana came up negative, although the “Flakka” or “K2” tests can take a little longer.
Update– 8/17/2016: Video of Austin has emerged, filmed days before the gruesome murder. Although he’s trying to talk about body building, it’s clear that there’s something not right with Austin.

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