WATCH: Man Rescues Woman + Dog From Louisiana Floods In Heroic Video

Hero David Phung was doing his part to help out the people trapped in the awful Louisiana floods that began this weekend, when he and his boat came across a woman and her dog drowning inside their car. When breaking the windows didn’t work at first, David jumped into the water to pull the woman out through her sun roof.
Honestly, I knew what was going to happen and my heart still skipped a couple of beats once her car submerged entirely. A big hat tip to David Phung, who literally saved this woman’s life. More on that below.

We came across this incredible video from TigerDroppings, an LSU + and Louisiana message board with a ton of interesting content about all sorts of stuff. In that same thread, more than a few people commented on the woman, saying that they had personally seen her driving back and forth in the flood.

“This lady was obviously impaired and had been driving back and forth down Elliott all morning, as the water rose. My uncle stopped her from coming one last time and she zoomed off, nearly hitting a truck. She recklessly put these men’s lives in danger. She should be prosecuted.”

And another user who claims his wife took a video of her racing into the floods in her MIATA.
There’s a good chance that she could be hit with reckless endangerment and even a DUI if she got breathalyzed. All the same, the hero here is David Phung. Good on you, dude.

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