Osman Vadinov: Full Story & Must-See Details

Osman Vadinov Istanbul Bomber

Reports have come forward indicating that Osman Vadinov is one of the three terrorist bombers responsible for the Istanbul Ataturk Airport bombing that killed 43 people and injured 240. Information is still coming forth about the Jihadi, but we can report that he’s Russian (specifically Chechen) and has a Russian passport.

Although Osman and his two other terrorist accomplices are dead, it’s believed that there is one more member of the terrorist cell who’s on the loose. Here’s what we know about the terrorist so far.

Who Is Osman Vadinov?

As we said before, Osman Vadinov is believed to be a Russian national from Chechnya–although the BBC reports that an unnamed police source from Russia disavows this fact. What is agreed upon, however, is that he entered Turkey from Raqqa, Syria (the ISIS stronghold) back in 2015.

On the day of the attack, Osman was filmed wearing a red shirt, a black jacket, a black cap, and carrying a handbag which we now know probably contained the bomb and some ammunition. It’s still unknown whether or not he was the bomber shot by policeman Yasin Durna, the terrorist who blew himself up in the parking lot, or by the security station.

Where Did He Live?

Along with his terrorist cell, Osman rented an apartment in the Fatih district: the city’s capital area and a mere 12 miles from the airport. The estate agent who rented them the property claims they arrived at the airport a month ago and had paid for a full year up front.

That same agent claims they spoke Russian and all had Russian passports.

Upon inspection of their apartment after the bombings, it was discovered they had installed a metal door on the inside of their front door. The Mirror reports that “neighbors have revealed the trio ‘spoke to no one’ during their stay but were often heard arguing loudly.”

Turkish police forces found notebooks and “manuals” near to the apartment which they believe had been thrown out by the terrorists.

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