Hero Turkish Police Officer Shot & Downed Suicide Bomber In Attack Yesterday

Turkish local media is reporting that a police officer, Yasin Durna, is responsible for saving dozens of lives during the Istanbul Ataturk Airport terrorist attack. Yasin successfully shot and downed one of the suicide bombers who had been walking through the terminal with his gun drawn.
It’s believed that Yasin’s actions saved at least dozens of lives and as such, he’s being hailed as a hero. Sadly, there were at least thirty-six deaths in the co-ordinated attack–including a customs officer who intervened with one of the bombers. Yes, Yasin was “just doing his job,” but I think it’s fair to say that more than a few police officers would have either frozen in fear or run for their own safety. Well done to Yasin and Umut Sakaroğlu, the customs officer who gave his life for other.

Who Is Yasin?

Yasin Durna is a police officer who was working at Ataturk Airport during the suicide bombings. More information isn’t known at this time, but we can report that he’s alive.

What Happened?

In the security footage from the bombings, you can clearly see a group of civilians running away from the terrorist. Yasin, clearly alerted by the commotion, seems to be hidden around a corner waiting for the bomber. When he saw the jihadi come around the bend, the police officer dropped the terrorist with his service pistol. You can then see Yasin approach the terrorist to survey the situation. Seconds later, he begins running after he realizes that the terrorist was a suicide bomber. The bomb exploded shortly thereafter, injuring the hero.
Had Yasin not intervened, the terrorist would have definitely shot and killed a lot more people, then blown himself up.
Yasin is recovering safely in the hospital right now. He’s being treated for a removed spleen.

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