Osman Vadinov Photos: Must-See Pictures Of Istanbul Airport Bomber

Three suspected ISIS members have been identified as being responsible for the attack on Istanbul airport, which left 43 dead and 230 injured. One of the bombers was named by officials as Chechen Osman Vadinov, who crossed into Turkey from Raqqa, the Islamic State’s stronghold in northern Syria, last month. The three were reported to have been part of a seven-person group that entered the country on May 25.

Turkey has cracked down on ISIS cells at home after a string of deadly attacks blamed on the jihadists, who have seized land in both Iraq and Syria, which lead right up to the Turkish border.

Nationalities of #Istanbul #airport attackers identified as Russian, Uzbek and Kyrgyz – @DailySabah ht @Conflicts pic.twitter.com/xpS7NyZzTJ

— Velina Tchakarova (@vtchakarova) June 30, 2016

Local media named that suspect as Osman Vadinov, who allegedly crossed into Turkey from Raqqa, ISIS’s stronghold in Syria #istanbul

— viviana mazza (@viviana_mazza) June 30, 2016

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