Viernheim, Germany The Location of Mass Shooting At A Movie Theatre

There’s been a reported shooting at a movie theater in Viernheim, Germany. Reports that an unidentified person entered the Kinepolis cinema and began shooting. The latest report is that people are being held hostage inside and that the shooter has barricaded himself in the theatre.
There are reports that there are anywhere from 25-50 people injured. German newspaper Bild is reporting that the gun the shooter used was a tear gas pistol. “He was disguised, had a gun in his hand, wearing a cartridge belt around his shoulder.”
Update 10:54 AM EST: Multiple sources first reported that the gunman has been arrested. Now Bild is reporting that the Interior Minister claims the gunman is dead. Reuters is confirming this report. Hopefully the relatively short hostage situation means that the damage isn’t as bad as originally believed. Our thoughts and prayers are with those involved.

What Is Happening?

German special forces teams have arrived at the theater and apparently have arrested the gunman, ending the hostage situation that once involved up to 40 people.

Who Is Involved?

As stated before, the identity of the shooter is yet unknown. The same can be said for the victims.

Where Is the Shooting?

The shooting is at the Viernheim Kinepolis cinema. Viernheim, Germany is close to the city of Frankfurt.

This story is developing. Please refresh for updates.

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