The Rock Finally Addressed All This Talk About Him Running For President

I’m gonna start this article by saying I whole heartedly believe The Rock is capable of being The President of The United States. I mean, hell, the Republican party has already handed the nomination to someone completely unqualified, so throw that argument out the window. Even though The Rock has no political experience, at least he seems like a genuinely decent and caring human being, unlike Donald Trump. The image up there is from the time The Rock actually saved a puppy from drowning! This guy is the best.
The Rock is also the definition of the American dream. Famously rising from poverty, The Rock now own’s his own production company. That company, called “Seven Bucks Production”, is about a moment in time when The Rock only had $7 in his pocket.
And it’s not like this in uncharted territory, as an actor has been our President before. In fact, that President, Ronald Regan, is considered one of the greatest in our nation’s history. Plus, just imagine other leaders of the world having to shake hands with President Johnson. They would respect him more than Trump or Hillary, that’s for sure.
So as you can tell, this writer would vote for The Rock. And based on his Instagram post, I might one day be able to.

Do it, Rocky. You’re the people’s champ.

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