Samuel Hydenburger Photos: Must-See Pictures Of Viernheim Germany Theater Shooter



According to reports, the shooter has been killed. It is being reported he was a white nationalist neo-nazi.
Newspaper reports that up to 25 people were injured after the shooter opened fire and then barricaded himself inside the Kinopolis Movie Theatre. German special forces teams arrived at the theater. It was a hostage situation, and sources are said that there are up to 40 hostages being held. German media reports suggest the man wore a mask and carried a gun and ammunition belt. One local newspaper, Darmstadter Echo, reported that between 20 and 50 people were injured.
Multiple sources first reported that the shooter had been arrested, but now Bild is reporting that the Interior Minister claims the gunman is dead. Reuters is confirming this report. Hopefully the relatively short hostage situation means that the damage isn’t as bad as originally believed. Our thoughts and prayers are with those involved.

Update: Samuel Hydenburger is not the shooter.


Viernheim Germany Theatre Shooting Photos: Must-See Pictures
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