What is Ted Cruz's Big Announcement? Full Story & Must-See Details

Earlier today Ted Cruz, a 2016 GOP candidate vying for Donald Trump‘s top spot in the race for the Republican ticket, tweeted that he would be making a major announcement at his April 27th rally in Indianapolis.

Interesting… but what could he be announcing? Here are a few possibilities:

Ted Cruz Announces Who His Vice President Will Be

Rumors of who Ted Cruz would pick as a running mate started circulating in early April, after the politician announced that he was “shortening his list” of potential VP picks. But yesterday news broke that former GOP rival and Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina may be his ultimate choice. Considering she’s well-liked by centrist republicans, having Fiorina as an early VP pick could lend him a helping hand when it comes to defeating GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, even though he’s mathematically out of the race. However, our money is on this announcement.

Ted Cruz Announces That He Is Dropping Out of the Presidential Race

This would be interesting, considering how many times he told the media he wasn’t dropping out of the race. And if Kasich isn’t dropping out, it’s highly unlikely Cruz would, considering he’s been more successful in the primary race. But alas, it’s still a possibility.
At this rate, Cruz is mathematically eliminated from the GOP race, even if he manages to deny Trump before the Republican Convention. He’s also not that well liked, so snagging those delegates would be difficult to begin with. He’s likely to stick it out in this race until he’s forced out of the limelight. Which at this rate, could be any day now — but most likely, not today.

Ted Cruz Announces That The Cruz-Kasich Alliance is Over

Like Cruz, John Kasich is mathematically out of the GOP race. The man literally has no chance of making a comeback, despite persevering through the campaign trail. But recently both Cruz and Kasich announced an interesting alliance: Kasich would pull his campaign from Indiana and Cruz from Oregon, both getting the opportunity to take down Trump.
Unfortunately the April 26th primaries were disastrous for both campaigns, with Trump sweeping Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. So the alliance is pretty much over anyway… no need to make a formal announcement about that.
The general public also has a few guesses:


All valid possibilities.
Ted Cruz has officially named former rival Carly Fiorina as his running mate.

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