Are You Creative? Then You're Probably a Certified Psychopath, According to Science

If you’re good at art, writing, music, or any other hobby typically deemed creative, we have some bad news: you’re probably a psychopath.
According to researchers at De La Salle University in Manila, psychotic traits may be a main component to creativity. In a recent study written about in Metro, researchers examined 503 participants with gambling tasks and questionnaires and found that impulsive risk-taking — a trait commonly found in psychopaths — might be the key to a creative person’s overall success.
“We argue that emotional disinhibition, in the form of psychopathic boldness, is actually integral to some creative personalities and functionally related to the creative process,” researchers explained. “Generally then, a creative field might not just shape a person into a more arrogant or dishonest personality, it might be actively selecting them, not for the sake of having disagreeable traits, but because such traits meaningfully co-vary with creativity itself.”
Ok, we get that… but that could be part of any profession, not just creative ones. But regardless, we get the point. Considering you’re getting this information from a writer, I guess I’m screwed.
Thanks science!

[H/T: Metro]

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