Best of Reddit: Redditors Explain What Got Them Fired on Their First Day

AskReddit is one of my favorite places on the Internet. You can literally get lost on there. Plus there’s so many weird stories and truths floating around those threads that you instantaneously feel better about yourself. Thanks Reddit!
A recent popular post – People who got fired on the first day of the job, what happened? – had me cruising through replies for a while. Not only were the responses hilarious, but the majority of them also made me feel really responsible. Mom, Dad, I’m finally growing up! I’ve maintained a job for more than 24 hours!!
Check out what Redditors had to say about getting fired from their first day of work below. Sorry, guys.

They called me and told me I was let go for not showing up on my first day. Which was a surprise for me since at no point after the interview had I been told that I’d been hired. – deftss
Failed the mandatory “new hire drug test” I’ve never done drugs… – DonaldRDeCicco
I showed up and the guy that was supposed to train me got fired. No one else was available to train me apparently, so they told me I was no longer needed. I was to young to put up a fight, or ask for any alternatives. – VACWS
Got hired. Day 1 after orientation, got desk set up, boss walked in and told us this branch was closing, don’t come tomorrow. Got 2 months severance pay. – Betruul
Used to work at a factory that made food stuff. Guy I was trained with fell into a big vat of wet ingredients that was about to be heated up. Had I not looked behind me, he would’ve died.
The boss went to the hospital to tell him he was fired but they were giving him some extra pay in his check.- Doxxboot
I got a seizure while serving someone at a new restaurant. It was my first of a 3 day trial period so I don’t think i was technically on the books yet. Needless to say they never called me back. – crvcio
I was 16 and landed my first job in a paint store mixing custom colors for customers.
On my first day, I mixed a requested color, following the paint manufacturer’s directions exactly. But the result turned out wrong because the formula had changed and my employer had not updated his store’s formula specifications.
So when the customer complained about the color variance, the boss fired me in front of everyone – even though I had done the job correctly.
It was humiliating – and left a lasting negative impression as to what’s involved in joining the workplace. – Back2Bach
Not me…but happened when I was working at McDonalds. New guy came in and when he saw that we were trashing patties if they had been sitting too long, he ate one…then he started just eating them from the supply…dude must have inhaled 10-12 patties over a couple hours after repeatedly being told to stop. Eventually, he started making himself a burger with the buns and eating it as well. Got fired first day on the job.
I’m still convinced he had no real plans of working and just wanted to see how many free burgers he could eat before getting canned. – PotatoLatkes

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