Redditors Reveal Best Thing They've Heard During Sex & The Responses Are Amazing

Reddit is a crack den filled with gold – and that’s putting it mildly.
While browsing through the Ask Reddit subreddit today – and by browsing we mean starring at it for long periods of time until it updated itself – we found this gem: NSFW What’s the best thing you’ve been told during/after sex?
You can imagine the extensive list of hilarious answers, most of which involved some stereotypical variation of “OMG! You’re like, sooooo bigggggg!” Easy tiger, it was probably just dark.
Luckily others relinquish to originality. Check out the best responses below.

Me: Would you like to get breakfast?
Her: No thanks, I already ate. – FirstForFun44
“I’m on the pill” – Wheeeler
First time with a black girl, I was on acid, she called me daddy a lot, and it was mind boggling to say the least. – 8manjones
After a rather impressive performance, this chick I’d been seeing for a week or two told me “You’re so out of my league.”.
Turns out, I was. She was in a whole different league of crazy. – Avalonis
It felt like you were in my throat. – RustyTainte
“I have a pizza in the oven” – lionheartedxo
When my girlfriend was taking my pants off and yelled “Unleash the Kraken!” – MonitorMoniker
Keep the change – thundercock88
” That was the best 15 seconds of my life ” – thisisumum
“Please sir…..I want some more” spoken with a british accent.
I couldn’t decide if this was creepy or fucking hilarious. – TheT0KER
“Yeah, you like that you f*cking retard?” – Betrayus

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