People Reveal Their Most F*cked Up Truth or Dare Games & Well, Their Answers are Pretty F*cked Up

Reddit is the perfect mix of life ruiner and goldmine. You can literally spend hours on there searching through all of the threads, commenting on the most f*cked up situations and questions, and leave your social life behind you. But in exchange for the dismal isolation the Internet and Reddit forces upon you, you find some pretty entertaining sh*t.
After a quick visit to Ask Reddit, I was quickly consumed by one of the top posts: [NSFW] What’s the most f*cked up game of Truth or Dare you’ve ever had ?
Yes, it is just as bad as it sounds, and let’s just say the really, really sad answers don’t disappoint.
Check out the best responses below.

I was in 7th grade and this was one of those weird middle school parties. In order to spare some details, I ran around my friends house shirtless with a tampon up my nose singing the national anthem.
Adolescence was weird. – sbrelvi
It was truth or dare at a girl friends house back in HS. And she has a reeeeaally nice house…
Me, two guy friends, and two girl friends. It eventually led to daring the girls to go into the shower naked, which could fit quite a few people for a shower actually.
One girl dared the one guy to get naked, the other girl dares the other guy to get naked, and I’m sitting there with my boxers on, no one bothered to dare me anything after that, they were having a foursome in the shower. I was sitting in the bedroom adjacent to the bathroom in my boxers.
That hurt. – Vaginal_Rights
That’s nothing. Next, the fan. Dude got dared to put his dick in a moving fan blade with the guard removed. Yeah. That made the most horrible noise ever, like a skin flapping version of a table saw. – HadToMakeFakeAccount
Played truth or dare with some friends at a party. I got dared to kiss all of the girls there and none wanted to. F*ck me. – AustinXTyler 
The girls refused to play unless I wasn’t involved in any way. I was asked to sit in another room. I ended up just walking home. It was my best friend’s party and there were about 12 kids there total. I think we were 13 or 14. I didn’t attend another party of any kind until I was 18. – lagwagonlead 
This girl was dared to kiss me or lick the toilet. She licked the toilet. – bowdrex

A 15 year old girl that’s really into seeing some gay action despite not having been influenced by the fetish-inducer that is the internet. And she gets it, live, for as cheap as lifting her shirt once. – Bowbreaker


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