Twitter Freaks Out Over The Wiz’s All-Black Cast Because the Internet is Stupid

The Wiz Tweets

Photo via The Wiz

The Wiz Live aired last night on NBC and while it’s virtually the last thing I would ever put on by choice, Twitter said differently. A sh*t ton of people were watching Dorothy invade the Emerald City, and everyone had something to say about it.

But because a large majority of the Internet is stupid, their comments were less than admirable. In fact, a huge amount were actually dedicated to #WhiteLivesMatter, complaining that The Wiz was actually racist against white people because of its all-black cast.


Here’s what you missed on Twitter last night:

There is a white version… it’s called The Wizard of Oz.

For those who aren’t up-to-date on WTF was going on last night, The Wiz Live was a revival of the 1978 film featuring – hey, you guessed it! – an all-black cast.

Luckily, there were others who had a few brain cells working and gave us a good laugh:

Dorothy, we’re with you on this one.

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