FSU PIKEs Threw Awesome Halloween Party Last Night

Halloweek is only thing on people’s minds right now in college, but we think you’d be hard pressed to find a party that was a successful as last night’s “boohaha” at the FSU PIKE fraternity house last night. Truth be told, since we weren’t in attendance we actually don’t have any idea how much fun the actual party was but judging from the amount of hot ‘Noles who showed up in costume, we’d bet our interns’ life that it was a blast.

Check out the photos from the event last night here.

The FSU PIKEs have been rightfully getting a lot of attention recently since they entered the running for the Best Florida Fraternity House contest hosted by College Weekly and OnePiece. We’re not going to play favorites, but we will say that it’s nearly impossible to find a more complete fraternity house in the whole country, let alone Florida than PIKE.

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