These Six Florida Fraternity Houses Will Blow Your House Away

Every real fraternity brother is convinced that their own fraternity house is the best on campus for its own special reasons.

And you know what? They’re all special. Seriously. Every single fraternity house is filled with its own unique history–whether it’s the photo albums of years past, the stories that only the alumni are willing to talk about after statues of limitation have passed, or that hole in the wall that can’t be explained or covered up.

But there are some fraternity house that are more special than others, especially down in Florida. These things are enormous. You might recall from our list of Best Southern Fraternity Houses that Florida knows a thing or two about how a brotherhood should live.

We’ve made our own ranking of fraternity houses in the South, but our friends at College Weekly have gone even deeper into the state of Florida. Along with OnePiece clothing, they’re searching to find the best fraternity house in The Sunshine State. College Weekly produced an MTV Cribs-type video series that takes an in-depth look into six different fraternity houses at FSU, Florida, and Miami.

We definitely suggest watching all six of the videos, then once your done vote for your favorite house by sharing the Facebook video.

The winning house gets a $5K party courtesy of OnePiece, so even if you’re not at one of these schools, help your brothers out. They just might repay your kindness with open arms when you go visit.

Pi Kappa Alpha – Delta Lambda Chapter

School: Florida State University

We Say: First things first, PIKE at FSU is absolutely dope. The house itself is enormous and fits 200+ brothers. There’s no “buts.” That’s it. In addition to having a house that makes everyone jealous, every single room has a bathroom, a kitchen, washer/dryer, and living room. What else could you ask for?

Highlights: Largest fraternity house in the country, absurd courtyard for gameday parties and social events, an ATM (!), every room has every amenity you could ask for.

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Theta Chi- Tau Chapter

School: University of Florida

We Say: The Theta Chi fraternity house at the University of Florida is great for lots of reasons, one of which is because they just got a $4 million+ renovation. As part of that renovation, the Theta Chi brothers are now proud owners of a fantastic courtyard complete with a Party Barn which in our opinion is the hottest thing on the streets right now.

Highlights: Absurd new renovation, PARTY BARN which leads to big courtyard, sweet living arrangements, did we mention absurd new renovation.

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Phi Delta Theta – Florida Alpha

School: University of Florida

We Say: PDT’s house at UF might not be the newest fraternity house in Gainesville, but it’s definitely one of the best. Not only does the house itself have a lot of character the brothers are currently doing some extensive renovations. Don’t get it twisted, though, the Phi Delts have it very good and most students would move into the Phi house in a heartbeat.

Highlights: Presidential water bed, Espresso machine, weight room, outdoor basketball court, pool room

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Pi Kappa Alpha – Alpha Eta Chapter

School: University of Florida

We Say: When it comes to Gator Gamedays at Florida, you can’t find a better spot than at PIKE. Located directly across the street from the football stadium, the Pi Kappa Alpha brothers throw down in their chapter room, front lawn, and backyard that houses a Tiki bar. Inside, it gets even better because we’re pretty sure that every single room has its own bar.

Highlights: Seemingly every room has a hand-crafted bar, enormous chapter room, bunch of brothers named Chris, outdoor basketball court, tiki bar, fire pit, located right across the street from The Swamp

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Alpha Tau Omega – Epsilon Sigma Chapter

School: Florida State University

We Say: The definition of power moves is when you start taking over an entire block, which is exactly what ATO has done by owning six different houses. By themselves, each of the houses would be fantastic apartments but when you add your own flavor to each of them they become even better. It’s like brotherhood in that regard: solid as individuals, but unstoppable when combined.

Highlights: Six different houses with all different set ups.

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Sigma Alpha Epsilon – Florida Alpha

School: University of Miami

We Say: The SAE house in Miami is the lone representative from the University of Miami, but we’re big fans of their house. Not only is it actually made up of multiple houses connected by a covered walkway, it’s an impressive piece of real estate in an extremely expensive area.

Highlights: Multiple houses, sweet courtyard area, comfortable TV room & lounge

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