WATCH: Harrison Ford Wants David Blaine Outta His House [VIDEO]

Harrison Ford David Blaine Video

David Blaine visited Harrison Ford’s place to do a magic trick–and that’s cool, because we were wondering just the other day what David Blaine was doing nowadays. He used to be everywhere with his big stunts, but now he’s pushing something called┬áReal or Magic. That’s where this scene is from, and it’s worth watching just for Harrison’s amazing reaction to a trick that isn’t really that great.

We also like this clip because it reminds us of watching David Blaine getting his start in NYC nightclubs. He’d walk up to different celebs in the VIP lounge and do some kind of similar trick. We’re not saying that Blaine isn’t a really good magician. We’re just saying that he got a lot of influential early fans by impressing them with tricks that could’ve been better.

We think that the celebs were just amazed to get entertained for a change, instead of being expected to be all charming or witty. Hey, it worked for the guy–and we get this kind of fun┬ávideo, so we’re sure not complaining…

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