Camille Kostek: 22 Hottest Photos Of Rob Gronkowki's Girlfriend

Camille Kostek has just been outted as Rob Gronkowski‘s girlfriend, sources close to the New England Patriots Tight End told TMZ.
So who is the lady who just landed the top spot on every jersey chaser’s hit list? Camille is an ex-Patriots cheerleader who left the New England Patriots Cheerleaders to explore a career as a TV reporter. In addition to cheerleading, Camille also spent time as a model (which she still seems to do) and as a music video actress.
Truthfully, we don’t condone or support what that lovable grown ass baby does with his time or his dong, but we couldn’t be more surprised at the timing. He just won a Super Bowl. He’s just hitting his stride as far as on-the-field accomplishments are concerned. Wouldn’t this party animal want to stay single as long as possible?

I guess not.


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I got this really crazy overwhelming feeling of excitement out of no where and remembered I am smack dab in the middle of experiencing and living a dream of mine. This euphoric feeling can’t be shook. Amongst all, I’m living this model dream of mine in the shape that I feel most myself in. The shape and size that had worked against me in the industry for years, was the same body I got to rock in my @si_swimsuit debut 👙 I’m going to continue standing tall and posing proud for my girls to embody all that they are 💪 We are all capable of truly anything and I’m a firm believer that if you hustle with heart your timing will all make sense 🧚‍♂️ . Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2018

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